(20.1.2018): Weather is generally fair over the North Bay and partly cloudy over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere Bay of Bengal.

Condition of La Nina during Winter Season, 2017-2018

Condition of La Nina during Winter Season, 2017-2018
Issued at 17-12-2017

(a)        The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) over Tropical Pacific Ocean near the Equator and the current situation of most Atmospheres Variable are forming patterns suggestive of La Nina condition. According to the Numerical Weather prediction model for La Nina forecast, there is likely to be 92 % chance of La Nina from December 2017 to February 2018. It is issued that La Nina conditions are likely to decrease 82% chance of La Nina (January-February-March) 2018 and 66% chance of La Nina (February-March-April) 2018 by International Pacific Oceanic Sea Surface Temperature monitoring Centres.

(b)        Although the La Nina occur at Pacific Ocean, the impact of La Nina are generally occur the more frequent of Cyclone in Bay of Bengal and untimely Rainfall Conditions, Strong Easterly Waves, decreasing Normal temperature due to strong Northeast Monsoon.

(c)        La Nina Condition will be updated in time.