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Deep Depression News No.16, 2020

Deep Depression News No.16, 2020

4th  December, 2020 07:00 MST Today

Deep Depression

            According to the observations at (05:30) hrs M.S.T today, the Deep Depression over Gulf of Manner has moved Westwards and it is centered at about (40) Nautical miles Southwest of Ramanathapuram, (55) Nautical miles Southwest of Pamban and about (80) Nautical miles Northeast of Kanyakumari(India).

  Position of Deep Depression, center pressure and wind

            Deep Depression is located at Latitude (8.9) degree North and Longitude (78.4) degree East, centre pressure of depression is (1000) hPa and maximum wind speed near the center is (35)miles per hour at (05:30) hrs MST today.

During next (24)hrs forecast

            The Deep Depression is forecast to move West-Southwestwards and cross Ramanathapura and Thoothukudi Districts during next (6)hours and it is very likely to weaken further into a depression during next (24)hours.