(30.1.2023): According to the observations at (05:30)hrs MST today, theWell Marked Low Pressure Area over the Southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining East Equatorial Indian Ocean still persists. It is likely to move West-Northwestwards and further intensify into a Depression over Southwest Bay of Bengal around during next (18)hrs and reach near Sri Lanka coast around (1.2.2023).Weather is cloudy over the Southwest Bay and Westcentral Bay of Bengal and a few cloud to partly cloudy over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.


There are many training courses conducted in DMH, since technology transfer to young generation is a one of the prioritized program of DMH. Courses on Meteorology and Hydrology ranging from Level I to Level IV were offered annually to staffs of DMH. Moreover, DMH is participating in many training courses and programs on Aviation Meteorology, Marine Meteorology and Agricultural Meteorology for other relevant departments and institutions. Since 1997, in collaboration with Yangon and Dagon Universities, DMH had offered degree programmes to university honour students majoring in Meteorology and Hydrology. Starting from 2006, DMH is offering a Ph.D. programme on meteorology to university post-graduate students.

DMH provide the lectures for:

  • B.Sc.(Hons) Meteorology and
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Hydrology Academic Courses
  • Defence Service Technical Academy
  • Institute of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Course
  • Myanmar Maritime University
  • Institute of Marine Technology
  • Military Meteorological Unit
  • Air Traffic Controller Course
  • Air Transport Pilot License Course
  • Departmental Training Courses
  • Natural Disaster Prevention Course