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Environmental Affairs

Distribution of brochure on acid deposition problems

As one of EANET member countries, Myanmar has had an opportunity to compile the brochure on acid deposition problems with Myanmar language by the support to Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency through the signed MoU between Niigata Prefectural Environmental Conservation Corporation - NPECC and DMH, with the guidance of ADORC. The brochure contains 7 Chapters and covering 16 pages. The brochure highlights the impact of acid deposition and urge to reduce emission by the partial substitution of fossil fuel with solar energy source. Since 2007 March, the brochures have been distributed to schools, universities, libraries, governmental departments and NGOs as shown in the below lists;

1)     Commander – in – chief ( Army/ Navy /Air)

2)     Prime Minister

3)     Chairmen of Peace and Development Council (States and Divisions)

4)     Ministers and members of Natural Disaster Management Committee

5)     Departments and Enterprises under Ministry of Transport

6)     Nay Pyi Taw Development Committee

7)     Yangon City Development Committee

8)     Mandalay City Development Committee

9)     National Commission for Environmental Affairs

10) Department of Health

11) Department of Medical Research

12) Department of Forestry

13) Irrigation Department

14) Water Resource Utilization Department

15) Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River System

16) Department of Atomic Energy

17) Department of Development Affair

18) Department of Myanmar Radio and Television

19) Department of Information and Public Relations

20) General Administration Department

21) Myanmar Police Force

22) Myanmar Communication Enterprise

23) News and Periodicals Enterprise

24) Relief and Resettlement Department

25) Fire Services Department

26) Higher Education Department

27) Basic Education Department

28) Education Planning and Training Department

29) Myanmar Educational Research Bureau

30) Archaeology Department

31) Myanmar Language Commission

32) Yangon Technical University

33) Yangon University ( Libraries & Departments)

34) Dagon University

35) National Library

36) Myanmar Red Cross Society

37) Union Solidarity  Development Association

38) Myanmar Women Affairs

39) Myanmar Engineer Society

40) Myanmar Geosciences Society

41) Myanmar Earthquake Committee

It is expected the brochure be able to increase public awareness on acid deposition problems and to find ways to solve that problems.


Conducting Public Awareness Workshop

One day workshop on ‘Dissemination of Public Awareness Brochure on Acid Deposition’ was conducted recently on 20 December 2007 at DMH Conference Hall in Yangon, by the support of NPECC through the management of ADORC. The workshop was attended by about 70 participants, which comprised of representatives from governmental departments, universities and institutes, NGOs and media groups. The workshop provided a chance for distribute the brochures by ADORC delegates to the participants. During the workshop ADORC delegates, representatives of DMH and officials from selected departments had made presentations on the performance of their respective agencies relation to environmental pollutions control. The workshop widely opened an opportunity for exchanging their experiences on the management of environmental pollution problems and enhanced awareness on their knowledge of acid deposition problems. Moreover, DMH distributed the developed VCD of ‘Let’s preserve environment to protect our common earth’.


Public Awareness Activities on Acid Deposition through Media

Fully aware the extent of the adverse impact of acid deposition from the brochures, the authorities instructed to distribute the brochures in times and to thrust effort to reach the brochures to various levels and to disseminate the message through television, newspaper and journals. Accordingly, the instructions were carried out to some extent. Since media is very effective communication means, it is expected to promote public awareness on acid deposition problems through the articles ‘Rain resemble to acid’ and ‘Take care your environment as your beloved parent’, which appeared in Myanmar New Light newspaper of 2 May 2007 and 7 Days News journal issued on 17 May 2007 respectively.

Moreover, Department of Myanmar Radio and Television under the Ministry of Information produced the public education programme on acid deposition problems by Interview with Director General of DMH, and broadcast frequently through MRTV 4 channel. So, this message of acid deposition problems is penetrated to various levels from authorities to general public. In addition, the interview with ADORC delegates on the objectives of Public Awareness workshop, which appeared in Myanmar New Light newspaper on 21 December 2007, was expected to broaden the knowledge of public on acid deposition problems.

Display posters

When DMH celebrated World Meteorological Day on 23 March 2007, for the first time at Nay Pyi Taw, the pictures and figures from the brochure developed into A0 size were displayed in the Conference room of the Ministry of Transport, at where the celebration took place. Most of the invited guests paid attention on the exhibition of acid deposition problems. During the Union Day celebration was conducted with many events on 12 February 2007 at Mandalay, second city of Myanmar, those pictures were displayed in the show room of DMH. The officials from DMH had having an opportunity to explain the impact of acid deposition to those who raised questions on the subject. Such kind of exhibition will continue to perform whenever there is an opportunity.