(15.10.2018): Weather is partly cloudy to cloudy over the Andaman Sea and South Bay and partly cloudy elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.


Port Warning

Port Warning
Body: Nothing Specaial.
Low Pressure Area Condition No.25
Body: Low Pressure Area Condition No.25, 2018                                                                                       13th October, 2018 14:00 MST Today Low Pressure Area Condition...
Depression No.24
Body:     Depression No.24, 2018                                                                                       13th October, 2018 12:00 MST Today Depression             According to the...
Deep Depression No.23
Body: Depression No.23, 2018        13th October, 2018 07:00 MST Today  Depression  According to the observations at (06:30)hrs M.S.T today the Depression over land (India) continue...
Cyclonic Storm
Body: Cyclonic Storm No.17, 2018        11th October, 2018 19:00 MST Today  Severe Cyclonic Storm             According to the observations at (18:30)hrs M.S.T today, the Severe Cyclonic Storm “TITLI”...