23-5-2024: According to the observations at (15:30) hrs M.S.T today, the well Marked Low Pressure Area over the Westcentral Bay of Bengal and adjoining South Bay of Bengal still persists. It is likely to move northeastwards and intensify into a Depression over Central Bay of Bengal around 24-5-2024 morning. Thereafter, it may continue to move northeastwards and intensify into a Cyclonic Storm over the Eastcentral Bay of Bengal around 25-5-2024 morning, it would move nearly northwards and intensify into a Severe Cyclonic Storm. It may reach near Bangladesh and adjoining west Bengal coasts, India by  26-5-2024 evening. Monsoon is vigorous over the Andaman Sea and Southeast Bay of Bengal. Weather is a few cloud over the North Bay and cloudy elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

Early Warning For Weather Events During The Summer Period

Early Warning For Weather Events During The Summer Period No.(1/2022)

Issued on 1- 3- 2022


1.       During the period of March and April, isolated rain or thundershowers are likely in the afternoon or evening accompanied with strong wind, hails, thunder and lightning, due to the  convective cloud by gradually rising day temperatures in the whole country. Surface wind speed in strong wind may reach (35)mph to (40)mph.

2.         Public is advised to take necessary awareness with the weather events during March and April and domestic airlines and cruises are also advised to take precautionary measures.