17-6-2024:Monsoon is moderate over the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.


Heavy Rainfall Warning (No.07/2022)

Heavy Rainfall Warning (No.07/2022)

Issued at (16:00) hours M.S.T on 24- 8-2022

According to the observations at (15:30) hrs MST today, due to theSevere TropicalStormMa-on” forming in the South China Sea, rain or thundershowers will be fairly widespread to widespread in Sagaing,Mandalay Regions and Kachin, Shan States with likelihoodof isolated heavyfallsduring from today evening to (28.8.2022). During this period, rain are likely to be (3)inches (77-mm) and above in Upper Sagaing Region and Kachin, Shan States and (1.5)inches (38-mm) and above in Lower Sagaing and Mandalay Regionswithin (24)hours.


          Due to the heavy rainfall, people should be awared of the natural disasters such as flash flood andlandslide

in the hilly areas and near small rivers and inland water transport and domestic flight.