25-6-2024:Monsoon is strong to vigorous over the Andaman Sea and  South Bay  and moderate  elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.


Monthly water level forecast

Monthly Water Level Forecast of September, 2021

(Issued at 28.8.2021)

During the Month of September, the water levels may exceed their respective danger levels are one time each at Shwegu, Katha, Mandalay, Sagaing, Myinmu, Pakokku, NyaungOo, Chauk, Seiktha, Hinthada and Zalun of Ayeyarwady River, at Homalin, Phaung pyin, Mawlaik, Kalewa, Mingin and Monywa of Chindwin River, at Myitnge of Dokehtawady River, at Hpaan of ThanLwin River, at Myawaddy of Thaung yin River, at Ngathing Chaung and Thabaung of Ngawun River, and at Maubin of Toe River respectively.