(19.1.2021)  :  Weather is partly cloudy over the Southwest Bay and a few cloud to partly cloudy over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

Myanmar Daily Weather Report

Myanmar Daily Weather Report

(Issued at 4:00 pm Saturday 28th November, 2020)


BAY INFERENCE: According to the observations at (15:30)hrs M.S.T today, a low pressure area over the South Andaman sea and adjoining Southeast Bay of Bengal and Equatorial Indian Ocean still persists. It may intensify into a Depression during next (48)hrs. Weather is partly cloudy to cloudy over the Andaman sea and South Bay and a few cloud to partly cloudy elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

FORECAST VALID UNTIL MORNING OF THE 29th November, 2020: Light rain or thundershowers are likely to be isolated in Upper Sagaing and Taninthayi Regions, Kachin and Shan(North and South) States. Degree of certainty is (60%). Weather will be generally fair in Naypyitaw, Magway Region and Rakhine State and partly cloudy in the remaining Regions and States.

STATE OF THE SEA: Strong easterly winds with moderate to rough seas are likely at times Gulf of Mottama, off and along Mon-Taninthayi Coasts. Surface wind speed in strong easterly winds may reach (30-35)m.p.h. Sea will be slight to moderate elsewhere in Myanmar waters. Wave height will be about (6-9) feet in Gulf of Mottama, off and along Mon-Taninthayi Coasts and about (3-5) feet Deltaic, off and along Rakhine Coast.

OUTLOOK FOR SUBSEQUENT TWO DAYS: Likelihood of isolated light rain or thundershowers in Eastern Myanmar areas.

FORECAST FOR NAYPYITAW AND NEIGHBOURING AREA FOR 29th November, 2020: Generally fair weather.

FORECAST FOR YANGON AND NEIGHBOURING AREA FOR 29th November, 2020     Generally fair weather.

FORECAST FOR MANDALAY AND NEIGHBOURING AREA FOR 29th November, 2020:   Generally fair weather.