24-6-2024:Monsoon is strong to vigorous over the Andaman Sea and  South Bay  and moderate  elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.


(10) Days Water Level Forecast

Water level forecast for Second  (10) days of June 2015

(Issued on 8-6-2015)

The water levels of Ayeyarwady river are forecast to rise above the present water levels about  (5-7)  feet  at  Myitkyina, Bhamo and Katha,  about (3-5) feet at Mandalay, Sagaing, Pakokku, Nyaung Oo ,Chauk, Minbu , Magway and  Aunglan, and about (1- 2) feet at  Pyay, Seiktha, Hinthada and  Zalun .

The water levels of Chindwin river are forecast to rise above  the present water levels about (4-5) feet at Hkamti and  Homalin,  and about (2-3) feet at Mawlaik, Kalewa and Monywa.