23-5-2024: According to the observations at (17:30) hrs M.S.T today, the Well Marked Low Pressure Area over the Westcentral Bay of Bengal and adjoining South Bay of Bengal still persists. It is likely to move northeastwards and intensify into a Depression over Central Bay of Bengal around 24-5-2024 morning. Thereafter, it may continue to move northeastwards and intensify into a Cyclonic Storm over the Eastcentral Bay of Bengal around 25-5-2024 morning, it would move nearly northwards and intensify into a Severe Cyclonic Storm. It may reach near Bangladesh and adjoining west Bengal coasts, India by 26-5-2024 evening. Monsoon is strong to vigorous over the Andaman Sea and Southeast Bay of Bengal. Weather is partly cloudy over the North Bay and cloudy elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

Significant Water Level Bulletin

Significant Water Level Bulletin

(Issued at 14:00 hr M.S.T on 20-5-2021)

     According to the (13:30) hrs M.S.T observation today, the water level of Ayeyarwady River at Myitkyina is (467) cm, the water level rose about (8½) feet within (1)day.

     The water levels in Upper Ayeyarwady may rise above their present water levels about (5) feet to (7) feet at Bhamo, Shwegu, Katha and Thabeikkyin during the next (1) to (4) days, about (4) feet to (5) feet at Mandalay, Sagaing, Myinmu, Pakokku and Nyaung Oo during the next (1) to (7) days, and about (3) feet to (4) feet at Chauk, Minbu, Magway, Aunglan, Pyay, Seiktha, Hinthada and Zalun during the next (4) to (12) days.

     It is advised that the vessels running along the river and those who made plantations on sandbank during low flow period should make precaution measures for the rise of water level.