15-6-2024: Monsoon is moderate over the Andaman Sea and South Bay of Bengal and moderate to strong elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.


Untimely Rainfall Warning No.(7)

Untimely Rainfall Warning No.(7)

Issued at (16:00) hours M.S.T on 16-2-2022

According to the observations at (15:30) hrs MST today, due to the western disturbances, the convergence of warm air from the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal and cold air from China high pressure system, rain or thundershowers are likely to be fairly widespread in Taninthayi Region and Kachin State, scattered in Upper Sagaing Region and Shan (East), Chin, Kayin, Mon States and  isolated in Lower Sagaing, Mandalay, Bago (East), Yangon Regions and Shan (North and South) and Kayah States from (19.2.2022) to (23.2.2022).


        People should be awared untimely rainfall accompanied with thunder, lightning and hails.